Step by Step Guide to Planning the BEST Camping Trip

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I am definitely getting cabin fever over here… February in Central New York is “oh so cold & wet” and let me tell you, I am ready for Camping Season. 🏕🌲🏔🌞 So Ready, that I planned & booked our first camping trip- Yay! 🙌

I love to plan up-coming trips with fun activities to see & do. I feel as though experiences are the best gifts of all. Follow along, & I can help you with a step-by-step Guide to creating a full filling itinerary of awesome adventures to make a lifetime of memories. 📷

I have grown to love my home state of New York. When people hear New York- they instantly think of NYC, Wall Street, busy traffic, chaos & high priced everything. Yikes! However, I live in the beautiful Valleys of Central NY , at the foothills of the Adirondacks with rolling hills, woods, farms & beautiful natural landscapes. Being in the smack dab middle of the state, within a few hours, I can been to any great adventure that NY has to offer-such as Niagara Falls, The St. Lawrence River, the Finger Lakes Region, the Adirondacks or yes, even NYC.🌊🏔🗽

I mainly focus on traveling my own home state- basically to keep costs low. Traveling fees are cheaper to drive throughout the state, rather than flying to a different state. Most campgrounds charge you for being out of state or have benefits if you are a local. & I am always close to home (only a few hours away) in case there is an emergency.

1. Location

First things first- Where do you want to go?!? 🗺watkinsglen

Usually I hear about somewhere interesting & go from there. For Example- Watkins Glen, NY is absolutely breathtaking. It is a gigantic natural gorge off of Seneca Lake, where you walk through caves, under waterfalls & climb the enormous stone steps. The pictures do not do justice, but it is magnificent & I highly recommend the trip.

2. Time

When do you want to go?

When you are Camping, of course beautiful sun-shining weather is ideal- however… weather is not always predictable. So, you would want to generalize your planning accordingly.

Pick the Season/Month- Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Which season would you like to camp in? For Example (In NY): Spring- March/April/May, Wet/Rainy/, Warm/50 Degrees     Summer-  June/July/Aug, Sunny/Humid, Hot/70-80 Degrees     Fall- Sept/Oct/Nov, Cloudy/Windy, Cooler/mid 50-60 Degrees   Winter- Dec/Jan, Feb, Cold, 10-30 Degrees

3. How Long

Are you just staying for an overnight, a weekend or a week-long stay?

If I know of an upcoming local event or holiday, I like to plan around that. My fiancé & I recently got a motorcycle & we follow pages via Facebook & Instagram for fun events. When it comes to holidays… I normally try to avoid camping at this time, because the camping fees seem to spike. The normal $14/night turns into $21/night & the spaces are limited.  This helps determine how long we would like to stay. For overnights, try to find early check-ins & late check-outs, so you are able to maximize your camping time.

4. Interests/Activities

Do you like to bird watch, fish or hike?

I love to go to State Parks. Here in NY State, the State Parks are regulated & offer a TON of Great Amenities. I love the access to public bathrooms & showers. I guess you could consider this glamping, but I love some running water in my camping life. Any who- other amenities include: fishing, hiking, bird watching, swimming, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Create a list of interest/activities available at the campground, so you are able to get the FULL Camping Experience.

5. Stay

From your previous selections, you now have the base of your Camping Trip & can plan on where to Stay/Camp. Combine all four & locate campgrounds in that area.

Location + Time + How Long + Interests = Campground

I am planning an upcoming trip & I followed these steps to create our trip.

#1. LOCATION: We would love to visit Lake Placid, NY (again)- this ADK village hosted the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympics. Known for the vast Mountains for hiking- such as WhiteFace Mountain & the beautiful trout fishing river- The Ausable River, this is one of our favorite places to visit. ⛸🥌⛷🏔

#2. TIME: April 1st, is opening season for trout fishing. With the snow melting & the waters raging, we pushed out the trip into May, to have some warmer weather & less rainfall.🌞🎣

#3. HOW LONG: We wanted a mini vacation, so we agreed on 6 Days (5 Nights). And we are going the 3rd week in May, to avoid the following week- Memorial Day (the prices will jack up… smh) 🏕

#4. INTERESTS: We are going with my sister & her boyfriend. We love to go fishing, trail walking & my sister & I like to chill on the beach. Just hand me a fruity drink, a sun hat & leave me at the beach. Based off of these interests, I am able to narrow down which campground offers these activities. 🎣🏔🍹👙

Lake Placid, NY + 3rd Week in May + 1 Week + Fishing, Hiking, Beach, NY State Parks w/ Bathrooms/Showers=  All Campgrounds Available: Ausable Point, Buck Pond, Caroga, Cranberry Lake, Golden Beach, Eighth Lake, Fish Creek Pond, Meacham Lake, Moffitt Beach, Nicks Lake, Northhampton Beach, or Putnam Pond.

After some pamphlet reading, I chose Buck Pond Campground, because there is an old abandoned railroad bed that stretches for miles along an “easy to walk” trail. This sounded like a neat little adventure in itself.

Below is a Printable Template- Campground Planning Template:

You know have your destination- Yes! 👊

I have created some additional lists for your experience to be complete:

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    Top 10 Perfect Hairstyles for Fishing & Camping

    I love to go fishing on the daily. & I always like to have my hair & makeup done for any fish pics. I am currently experimenting with some fresh, clean, no-makeup makeup looks. With that being said, I like to create fun, easy hairstyles which coincide with the relaxed, outdoor look.

    As you all know, I love to Pinterest- so, I have created a top 10 Hairstyle list for the great outdoors of fishing & camping.

    1. Messy Crossover Pony –
    Camping can get down right dirty & this pony is the perfect fit for the occasion.

    2. Braided Bun Updo
    This tight braided bun is another great & easy updo that will be sure to stay in place even at a windy beach or fishing on the Water.

    3. The Classic Fishtail –

    Simplicity is key & sometimes you need just that. A fishtail braid is classic & trendy.

    4. Twisty Trendy Bun
    I have worn this hairstyle many times because it is an effortless style. One of my Favs. ❤️

    5. Baseball Cap
    Sometimes it is easier to throw it in a baseball cap & call it a day.

    6. Half Up Half Down
    I don't know if I am just obsessed with this hair color but I love this look. Throw on some round shades & even if you don't catch any fish, you will still look hella fly.

    7. Bandana Bun

    No Source
    Another Bun that I am in love with. Pair with a bandana for a quick updo.

    8. A Little Twisted
    This 5 minute fix will last all day.

    9. Braid to Pony
    Twenty Seventeen is the year of the braid. & this topsy turvy braid can outlast any adventure that awaits.

    10. A Sun Hat

    (Hey, that's Me!)
    My sister & I went on a mini camping vacay & invested in sun hats on our trip & it was one of the best, cutest ideas we could have had. We were super cute & we were shaded the whole day.

    Once S’More a Happy Ending

    Spread S’More Love around the campfire this summer, with some tasty, gooey treats!

    I have searched high & low for different methods of preparing this all time “campfire favorite” & I have created a list for you to enjoy.

    🔥 Campfire S’mores

    1. S’more Cones- fill ice cream cones with small marshmallows & chocolate chips.
    2. Cook marshmallows over campfire and mix in with chocolate & teddy graham’s. Great for the kiddos.
    3. S’more Banana Boats
    4. If you don’t have all of the ingredients-substitute

    🔥 Pre-packed S’mores

    1. S’mores Muddy Buddy Mix 
    2. S’mores Snack Mix
    3. S’more Pops
    4. No Bake Bars
    5. Rice Krispie Treats
    6. S’more Popcorn.

    🔥 S’more Tips

    1. Insert Chocolate chips inton marshmallows
    2. Pack a to-go container with graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows for an easy s’more kit
    3. Create a burning log to have a small burning fire perfect for roasting.

      Stuffed Bass Grill Recipe

      I came across this recipe via & fell in love ❤️. So, I am sharing it with you. I hope to make this during one of our camping adventures this summer. 

      Lime-And-Cilantro-Stuffed Black Bass

      The stuffing can be varied easily. Try lemon with tarragon, or orange with rosemary.

      Prepare grill for medium-high heat; oil grate. Season bass inside and out with salt and pepper. Stuff bass with half of cilantro and half of lime slices; tie closed with kitchen twine, spacing 2" apart (this will hold the stuffing in and make it easier to turn fish on the grill).

      Grill bass undisturbed until skin is charred and crisp and flesh of bottom fillet is flaky and opaque, 6–10 minutes, depending on size of fish.

      Place a metal spatula underneath bass and brace with tongs on top for support, then lift and gently roll it over onto the other side. Cook until flesh of other fillet is flaky and opaque, 6–10 minutes. If a small knife or a tester slides easily into the thickest part of flesh, fish is done.

      Line a platter with remaining cilantro and lime slices. Place bass on top and remove twine. (Or transfer to a cutting board if you want to fillet first.)

      2 SERVINGS

      1 tablespoon vegetable oil, plus more for grill

      1 1½–2-pound whole black bass or branzino, cleaned

      Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

      1 bunch cilantro, divided

      1 lime, thinly sliced, seeds removed, divided

      Recipe from Recipe by Alison Roman

      Photograph by Michael Graydon & Nikole Herriott
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      Bullet Journal 📓 

      For Christmas, Secret Santa is our go to, because it is a little easier on everyone’s wallet. This year, I had my Mom. I found her this neat little journal filled with 365 adventures to fulfill her bucket list.  She asked me if I had heard of Bullet Journaling. I didn’t & began to investigate using Pinterest. 

      Immediately I was hooked. Last night I began a few pages. Including Goals for 2017🏆, Debts to pay off💰, Studying 👩‍⚕️& Chores🛏. Sounds boring I know…. but it opens up so much possibility, creativity & future goals I have for myself. 

      I am going to include what vegetables 🥒 to grow in my garden. Places to travel 🚗& of course our fishing 🎣& camping ⛺️excursions.  

      I do love to doodle. So that is a BONUS! 

      Gardening 🌽🥕🥒🍅🥔

      Chore List 🍽⏲🚽🛁🛏🗓

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