Once S’More a Happy Ending

Spread S’More Love around the campfire this summer, with some tasty, gooey treats!

I have searched high & low for different methods of preparing this all time “campfire favorite” & I have created a list for you to enjoy.

πŸ”₯ Campfire S’mores

  1. S’more Cones- fill ice cream cones with small marshmallows & chocolate chips.  www.frugallivingcoupon.com
  2. Cook marshmallows over campfire and mix in with chocolate & teddy graham’s. Great for the kiddos.  www.agirlandagluegun.com
  3. S’more Banana Boats  www.craftyrecipes.com
  4. If you don’t have all of the ingredients-substitute  www.foodnetwork.com

πŸ”₯ Pre-packed S’mores

  1. S’mores Muddy Buddy Mix  www.lmld.org 
  2. S’mores Snack Mix  www.lmld.org
  3. S’more Pops  www.snackworks.com
  4. No Bake Bars  www.turnipintheoven.com
  5. Rice Krispie Treats  www.yummyhealthyeasy.com
  6. S’more Popcorn.  http://www.bombshellbling.com

πŸ”₯ S’more Tips

  1. Insert Chocolate chips inton marshmallows http://www.smartschoolhouse.com
  2. Pack a to-go container with graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows for an easy s’more kit  www.poshhome.info
  3. Create a burning log to have a small burning fire perfect for roasting.  



    10 Simple & Easy Fishing Hacks

    I love Life Hacks. The simplest, everyday materials can be transformed into amazing new pieces & help out in a way you never thought they would.

    1. Sinker Holder- Gather your loose sinkers & put in an old tic tac holder. 

    2. Snell Hook Noodle Organizer- Cut a pool noodle & wrap snell hooks around for easy organization. 

    3. Pool Noodle Fish Well- Attach pool noodles around edges of laundry basket. 

    4. Peanut Butter Pan- Use Peanut Butter to mask smell of fish while cooking. 

    5. Coffee Spool Leader DIY- Drill holes in side of coffee can. Insert spools  of fishing line for neat organization.

    6. Soda Bottle Minnow Trap- Catch bait fish with DIY soda bottle minnow trap. 

    7. Fix Eye of Fishing Pole- This happens to me at least once a year (Due to careless mistakes) Bend a Safety pin and attach to your pole. Simple and Easy. 

    8. Bottle Cap Fish Scaler- collect a few bottle caps and attach to a piece of wood. 

    9. Toothpaste Hand Cream- Fishy Smell Be Gone! 

    10. Homemade Keychain- Use a lure that floats & attach your keys. If your keys are dropped in the water, the will not sink. (May use cork as well) 

    Fish On! -H 🎣 

    Bullet Journal πŸ““Β 

    For Christmas, Secret Santa is our go to, because it is a little easier on everyone’s wallet. This year, I had my Mom. I found her this neat little journal filled with 365 adventures to fulfill her bucket list.  She asked me if I had heard of Bullet Journaling. I didn’t & began to investigate using Pinterest. 

    Immediately I was hooked. Last night I began a few pages. Including Goals for 2017πŸ†, Debts to pay offπŸ’°, Studying πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ& ChoresπŸ›. Sounds boring I know…. but it opens up so much possibility, creativity & future goals I have for myself. 

    I am going to include what vegetables πŸ₯’ to grow in my garden. Places to travel πŸš—& of course our fishing 🎣& camping ⛺️excursions.  

    I do love to doodle. So that is a BONUS! 

    Gardening 🌽πŸ₯•πŸ₯’πŸ…πŸ₯”

    Chore List πŸ½β²πŸš½πŸ›πŸ›πŸ—“