Upstate NY Beauty

I get it, Traveling is Expensive $$$….

So, let’s make it affordable. Travel in your own backyard. :]

About 3 years ago, I flew to the Land of Enchantment (Santa Fe, NM) with my little sister to visit our big sister. Now don’t get me wrong, that trip was expensive (but it was a cash gift from a family member that had an unfortunate family accident & they were give an inheritance of money). So, what better way to spend it, then to be with Family<3


On our visit, we were brought to the top of Watermelon Mountain, we shopped in Albuquerque, we ate spicy food & drank margaritas, we touched palm trees, took pictures of the Colorado River, & we even saw a Tumbleweed!


“The experience was breathtaking.”

We tried to fit as much fun-filled adventure into as much of our short week as we could. I had an amazing time & created a handful of new & precious memories.

To explore this beautiful land & see how much excitement my older sister was experiencing herself, it made me realize that there is beauty in my own back yard, I just had to look. :]

As soon as I stepped through my own front door back at Home Sweet Home, I started to google all the Beautiful Places in Central NY that were within miles of our home. I came across amazing places to fish, shop, & eat… but then the expense came in…. Hotel Prices $$$

I can’t justify to pay $60-$100/night just to lay my head down. After visiting the local shops, eating & fishing, that’s all I would want to do. Why bother with a 5 star hotel when there is a 5 billion star hotel outside?


Camping was the Answer & so our Adventures began! I never knew that Upstate NY had so much Beauty to offer.

With a range of Natural Waterfalls, Hills & Valley’s High & Low, Fall foliage, Crisp Winter Snowfall, & so much more was right at my finger tips.


Here is a list of my Top #5 MUST VISIT NY Beautiful Hot Spots.

#1. Niagara Falls

Hundreds of Gallons of Water flowing over the Falls with plenty of Attractions within walking distance to learn about the History of the Breathtaking Site.

#2. Watkins Glen

A deepened gorge full of Natural Beauty is awaiting for you, but be prepared to walk a couple thousand steps. About 1.5 hrs to walk to the top of the Gorge, through an array of waterfalls & caves, it is sure to keep your camera flashing.               (I wouldn’t suggest this walk with small children or elderly)

#3. Alexandria Bay/ 1000 Islands

Strips of Local Shops & eatery’s creates a limitless choice of things to do. Boldt Castle is a Ferry Ride to a private Island & is full of Rich History. A fun weekend can be easily filled.

#4. Lake Ontario

A fisherman’s Dream. Ocean like waters & fishing is a breeze. Camping is easy waterfront access & always guaranteed perfect sunsets.

#5.  Pixley Falls

Bring some hot dog & burgers to cook on the grill. Follow some trails through the woods. & enjoy a Waterfall that has a deep pool to swim under & through. Great for kids/dogs to cool down for the day.

With the purchase of a Tent that will last you for many summers, it truly is a great investment. You are connected with nature, with family, with new experiences & it does give you a good reason to indulge in some S’mores. So make a Plan, Pitch a Tent & Create a New Experience to add to your Collection of Memories. :]

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