Amazing Angler: Tre’ @Fishingvibes98

Today we are featuring a group of Baltimore Anglers, who love to show off the hogs they’re slaying. Via Instagram, @fishingvibes98, Tre’ & his close friends are creating new & great videos for YouTube of their greatest catches. 

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Thecatchofhislife: What’s your Name? Age? & Where are you from?

Fishingvibes: FishingVibes is the name of our group. We’re all 18 and older. We’re from Baltimore Maryland. We post daily via Instagram & we are making vlogs (video blogs) soon. πŸŽ₯

tcohl: Sweet. πŸ‘Š What fish picture would you like featured? 

FV98: My name is Tre’ this was a 2.5 pounder about 15 -16 inches caught on a brown an chartruce jig. 

tcohl: Do you have any advice/tips/techniques for the other Anglers? 

FV98:This is my advice: Fish as much as you can and take as many pictures as you can, because if theres no pic, there no fish. 🐟 

Wise words from an Amazing Angler. 🎣 Thanks for the read & follow fishingvibes98 via Instagram. (Clickable link above.)

Fish On! 🎣-H


Amazing Angler: Josh Hergan

Josh Hergan -13 -Cattawissa, Pa

thecatchofhislife: Why do you like fishing? 

Josh: I love fishing because I’ve been doing it since I have been about 8. It is very fun and when I’m sad or pissed off, I go fishing. It simply takes my Mind off of everything.

tcohl: I like that, Nature brings peace of mind ✌️What equipment do you use when you fish? 

J: I use a ugly stick Rod GX2 for both trout and bass fishing. I have a shimano reel as well. I do both land and boat, but only boat when we are on vacation or at the beach. Normally a shit ton of land fishing. Sometimes, we wade when we fish the river. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»

tcohl: What is your favorite bait/lure?

J: Gary Yamamato Senkos 5 inch pumpkinseed worms are my go to lure.

tcohl: Who do you fish with? 

J: My brothers & Family. 

tcohl: The Catch of your life is the monster in the picture. (21inches & 7lbs) How long was that fight? 

J: Not long at all. I was out picking worms to go fishing just before dinner and I took a can of worms up and casted out 8 feet from shore and I felt a huge rip and I set the hook, ripped it up on shore, and ran down to the house to break the news. Nobody was with me when this happened . I caught this on my trout Rod with 4 pound test. 

tcohl: Wow! 😳 Any advice/tips/techniques for other anglers? 

J: Yes. When you go to hook em, rip there friggin’ lips off. 🐟