No More Phone šŸ“±Ā 

Sometimes, I wish we could go back to the times of no cell phones & social media. Even flip phones were annoying distractions of multiple texts and phone calls throughout the day. 

I have realized more lately than ever before the phone consumption around me. Daily conversations are brought up with mentions of Facebook & Instagram. When I try to talk about my day it seems that people around me tune out and are more interested to know what is going to refresh on their news feed. 

I want to explore & grow. And I myself have become consumed with text, calls, apps, etc. I look through Pinterest to gain new ways & ideas to become motivated and productive for the day. As I scroll, I hop from one subject to the next and become lost with hours passing by. 

I would like to cut my time back from my phone. I started a list of tasks to do daily to become more productive. Fingers crossed. šŸ¤ž 

“It takes 21 days to create a habit, it takes 90 days to create a lifestyle”

I do need to revamp my list to include specific exercise and calorie intake. 

I hope that I can become more involved with my loved ones around me. Become more engaged and live for the Now.  šŸ’•


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