My Garden is Growing 🌱 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! Speaking of Green, today I noticed a few of my seedlings have popped through. && I am sooo EXCITED! 

I love to Garden. 🌱 I planted my first vegetable garden last year & I must say it was pretty successful. 🎃 🌽 🥒 

About 10 days ago, I started my seedlings indoors. Mind you, I live in Central Ny & Miss Stella ❄️ (the biggest snow storm since 1993) had passed through this week. So, it has been pretty chilly. I have been watering daily & today, I discovered 5 little sweet corn seedlings have popped through. Yay!! 🌽 

I have been saving egg cartons for a few weeks now. They are great containers to start seeds in because they are easy to transplant outside and they absorb the water. I save some egg shells as well- to spread around the garden to keep slugs away. 🐌 

This year, I am using Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starting Mix. I found it to be a good bargain for my buck & it has a great texture. 

As of today , I have planted: 

  • Pumpkins 🎃 
  • Corn 🌽 
  • Cucumbers 🥒 
  • Carrots 🥕 
  • Squash 
  • Watermelon 🍉 

I am going to add:

  • Tomatoes 🍅 
  • Peppers 🌶 
  • Radishes 

Hopefully our Apple tree blooms again this year. 

And an added bonus is the grub the garden draws in. When I am tilling the garden patch, I will be sure to pluck some worms for fishing. 🎣 

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