10 Simple & Easy Fishing Hacks

I love Life Hacks. The simplest, everyday materials can be transformed into amazing new pieces & help out in a way you never thought they would.

1. Sinker Holder- Gather your loose sinkers & put in an old tic tac holder. 

2. Snell Hook Noodle Organizer- Cut a pool noodle & wrap snell hooks around for easy organization. 

3. Pool Noodle Fish Well- Attach pool noodles around edges of laundry basket. 

4. Peanut Butter Pan- Use Peanut Butter to mask smell of fish while cooking. 

5. Coffee Spool Leader DIY- Drill holes in side of coffee can. Insert spools  of fishing line for neat organization.

6. Soda Bottle Minnow Trap- Catch bait fish with DIY soda bottle minnow trap. 

7. Fix Eye of Fishing Pole- This happens to me at least once a year (Due to careless mistakes) Bend a Safety pin and attach to your pole. Simple and Easy. 

8. Bottle Cap Fish Scaler- collect a few bottle caps and attach to a piece of wood. 

9. Toothpaste Hand Cream- Fishy Smell Be Gone! 

10. Homemade Keychain- Use a lure that floats & attach your keys. If your keys are dropped in the water, the will not sink. (May use cork as well) 

Fish On! -H 🎣 


3 thoughts on “10 Simple & Easy Fishing Hacks

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