Coffee Saver ☕️ 💰 

I love my Keurig. But I do not love the cost of K-cups. Ekkk. Money down the drain. 
Normally, before my Keurig, I would brew a 10 cup pot of coffee. Some days I would drink through it & others I would be distracted and leave the pot to stale. (RIP 💀 wasted coffe) A moment of silence please…. 

Upon dumping coffee litterally down the drain, I knew there had to be another way. A Keurig was a great investment because it limits how much coffe you make. Make a cup when you want it, if you want 7 more cups, then go for it!

However, this was still an arm and a leg. I saw department stores selling a box of 10 K-cups for $8.99. That’s crazy to me. Now you are paying a convenience store price for your coffee every morning. (For yourself to make it.) I thought, now that is just silly. 

I can purchase a large 32oz of Coffee on sale for $5.99 & even cheaper with coupons 😉 Its not necessary to pay so much money 💰. & then I had the discovery of reusable K-cups. They are amazing! ☕️ 

(Of Course, I already tore through the packaging, I needed coffee!) 

Here are reusable K-cups. I purchased them through Amazon. They were 6 cups for $5.99. They are easy to use. You can scoop whatever coffee you choose into the K-cup, Brew & Enjoy. They are easy to clean. 

To extend your buck & coffee even farther, check out my blog on getting flavored coffee for 1/2 the price.  â˜•ï¸ 

…::Thanks for Reading 📖::…

Fish On! -H 🎣 


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