Enjoy Flavored Coffee for 1/2 of the Price! 


I learned a little coffee trick I wish I knew years ago. & I am more than happy to share with you ☕️

In the coffee aisle you will see delicious flavored coffees such as: German Chocolate Cake or Creme brûlée, BUT the price tag that follows is OUTRAGEOUS. 

The amount of coffee I go through, I cringe at paying more than $15 for the larger size. So, with this little trick you will be able to enjoy the pricey flavored coffee at a more reasonable cost. 

The Trick….

MIX THEM! ☕️☕️☕️😄

Purchase your Average Joe coffee (Plain Coffee) & Mix the grounds with a bag of the Flavored coffee. You will now have Flavored Coffee at 1/2 of the Cost. 

&&& I find the coffee to be so flavorful that I purchase plain Jane creamer to put it in. So you are essentially saving money by not purchasing the flavored creamer as a substitute. 

&&& to go one more cheaper & have the same results: I purchase powder creamer. Saving even more money. Cha-Ching 💵