The Great NY State Fair cont’d

Food Galore is an understatement. 

You can have pizza, philly steaks or Fried Dough… But, the oddities are endless for the curious eater: Alligator Bites, Shark, Kangaroo, Ox Tail, Pumpkin Spice Bacon, or Deep-Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly, just to name a few. 

Although the line for the Great Potato is long, it is worth the wait &  it’s only a buck!

This year they added a sweet potato. Yummy. 

  There are agriculture buildings with colored chickens and award winning cows. A zoo with exotic animals like giraffes and zebras. We visited a booth that had flavored goat cheese. 

Herb flavored goat cheese on a cracker.

Fun and excitement throughout the midway. There are a variety of rides and games to play. A wristband for unlimited rides are $25. 

The One Man Band is a sight to see. With his instruments strapped to him from head to his toes, he sings rock music for all of the ages. He is fun and energetic.
Oh my the butterflies! An interactive feeding frenzy with several colorful butterflies.

There is a Giant sand sculpture where artists create a wonderful masterpiece.

There are hundreds of Vendors to purchase merchandise from.
To conclude our adventerous day- a fireworks show πŸ™‚


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