Line your hook & grab some worms. 

Fishing can be either pre-planned or a spur of the moment. But you should always be prepared.

As a woman angler- it’s always a plus to be super cute! So grab your tackle box & a few cute accessories & you’ll be ready for the day 🙂

Fashion: For the summer season, light colors are always appropriate. & who doesn’t love their short shorts paired with a bikini 👙. Foot wear can range from the average flip-flops to sandals to some sneakers. A hat is a must have for the hot sun. Whether its a baseball cap or a sun hat, anything will do.

Today, it is approx 90F out. A spaghetti strap is the perfect fit for that weather. A floral print states that I’m girly & paired with my camo trucker cap takes it from dressy to casual. My Jeans shorts are always my go to. With the pockets to carry my fishing license and the denim brings the outfit together.  Gotta have my boat shoes! I love them. They are a cheaper version of Sperrys but have lasted for over three years. They are comfortable and my feet can breathe.

Kisses from my Kya Baby 💕 (She snuck into the mini photo shoot haha )
I always wear my Tiffany’s necklace & who doesn’t love a nice pair of pearl earrings. A fishtail is a perfect hairstyle for the day.

Now, with this lovely sun ⛅️ peeking through the clouds, it is always important to have sunscreen. Even wearing sunscreen through the summer season, I still acquire a nice even tan. BugSpray is a saving grace. Spray before you fish & a second time while fishing. Also, bring plenty of H2O. You want to stay hydrated.

Gear: Keep it simple. If your fishing off shore or in a canoe, you need a light load.

Off shore:

  • Fishing Pole
  • Tackle Box
  • Bait
  • Net
  • Water

For the Canoe, add:

  • Paddles
  • Life Jacket

Location: in central New York there are several places to fish for beautiful clean eating fish. Today, we took the canoe to the barge canal.  (On the outskirts of Rome, NY) *Reference Below

I was using a mini bleeding eye spinner bait with a red and white skirt. After the first cast, I had a fish on. It was a baby bluegill.

I definetly enjoyed my evening of easy bites, bug free & good company

The Rome Canal

The Western Inland Lock Navigation Company, a private company, had the rights to develop a water route from the Hudson River to Seneca Lake. They had already built a canal built around the falls in Little Falls and completed the before mentioned work on Wood Creek. There still was the need to connect the Mohawk River to Wood Creek, and thus work started in 1796. On October 3rd, 1797, the Rome Canal was completed. This man made canal had two locks made of brick, both lift locks with a lift of 8 feet and 10 feet. The prism was 47.5 feet wide and allowed boats with up to 3.5 feet of draft. The canal was 1.7 miles long.

Unfortunately in about five years it was necessary to rebuild the locks. The mortar used to hold the bricks together had failed, and the locks were rebuilt of stone, at great expense. Lessons learned here, and at Little Falls about the building of canals were critical in the building of the Erie Canal 20 years later.


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