Over the Open Flames – Campfire Food


When Camping, Food should be easily prepared & effortless. You are camping to get away, relax & enjoy nature. Nobody wants to put tedious time into making a home cooked meal. So let’s make cooking over the open flame simple. :]

I have seen plentyyyyyy of Pinterest posts on Campfire Food ideas & one that repeats itself it Campfire Cheese Fries. Yes, this sounds like an excellent idea. Gooey Cheesey French Fries, but Of Course! One problem… It is way easier said than done.  Sorry folks but it has been an absolute fail on this one. The recipe calls for frozen fries wrapped in tinfoil smothered in cheese & Cook for approx 10-15mins. The outcome…. starched wet noodle like fries covered in cheese or half-cooked fries with burnt cheese. Maybe the fire wasn’t quite right, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

So, I have created a list of effortless, simple & delicious Campfire Foods for your next camping expedition.

Start your day out right with a hearty breakfast. Juice boxes are easy to pack in the cooler & come in a variety of flavors, Apple, Orange or Grape. Enjoy your coffee too. (Boil some water til hot, add a few tablespoons of instant coffee & powdered creamer. With both being dry goods, no wasted cooler space) It just wouldn’t be breakfast without the bacon. Throw some slabs on! Bring a frying pan & eggs will be finished in no time. & for Toast, line the grill with tinfoil & place the bread right on the flame. Under 5 mins, & your toast is golden brown. Fruit will get your day going on the right path & always remember H2O.

BREAKFAST– Bacon, Eggs, Bread, Juice (Apple, Orange, Grape) Fruit, & Coffee

LUNCH– Sandwiches, Hotdogs, Grilled Cheese

DINNER– Burgers, Ribs, Fish, Shishkabobs

fullrackRIBS?!? What is this girl made of Money?!? 

Actually I found an amazing deal at the local grocery & couldn’t pass it up. Two Full Racks for $15 & they threw in a BBQ Sauce. They were the easiest, most tender, best rack of Ribs I’ve ever tried. They adhered some of the smoke flavor, & because they were already pre-cooked, it was only a matter of minutes until they were done. So indulge a little, especially if it’s a great bargain.


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